Charge Description Master (“CDM”)

Charge Description Master (“CDM”)

The Charge Description Master (CDM) is a critical component to billing compliance and is often considered the “life blood” to a Hospital’s Revenue Cycle. Not only important to the Revenue Cycle, the CDM interfaces with Information Technology, HIM, Clinical Care Areas/ Ancillary Services, CPT and HCPC Compliance, Managed Care Contracting and Finance. At CampbellWilson, LLP, we focus on the CDM review process, standardization, maintenance strategies, compliance concerns, reimbursement issues and future considerations.


Benefit to CDM Services:

  • Multi-facility CDM mapping, enterprise standardization and consolidation
  • Department level review of all processes and charges with management staff to ensure all billable charges are represented on the CDM
  • CDM reviews and updates to ensure compliance for all payors
  • Market pricing, transparency and defensibility strategies
  • Revenue cycle system mapping to ensure charge capture and compliant billing
  • Acuity-based charging methodology development and implementation
  • Maintenance strategies, controls and tools for maintaining an accurate and compliant CDM
  • Organizational redesign
  • Educational and training tools

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