Time Study

Time Study Services

A time study is required to allocate physician and mid-level costs between allowable Part A and non-allowable Part B. Conducting a Physician and/or Mid-Level Time Study is an effective way to capture reimbursable expenses on the cost report that are not otherwise allowable. Unfortunately, providers/physicians do not adequately document their Part A time, which prevents them from receiving proper reimbursement via their Medicare/Medicaid cost reports.

Benefits a Time Study might have on your facility:


Potential Revenue Increases

  • Cost based reimbursement
  • Medicaid DSH / UPL
  • Wage Index

Additional Benefit Areas


    Physician Productivity

    Contractual Obligation: Physician / Hospital

Some of the more notable features of our tool include:

  • Easy to use website custom tailored to meet your facility’s measurement needs
  • Specifically identified categories to track required measurements
  • Training sessions for physicians
  • Online support
  • Email reminders for physicians and staff
  • Customized reports for each facility
  • Audit Support
  • Interactive smartphone and tablet applications

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